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"Is Letting Go the Key to Emotional Freedom? Exploring Independence from Grudges and Pain"

Its high time, Let’s seek freedom from all the grudges and pain that we are holding in our mind from several years.

It takes a lot of effort and energy to keep a grudge against someone in our mind. The pain and suffering that we feel because of grudges disturbs our mind and have a severe impact on our health and daily life.

This weekend, spend some time with yourself and figure out the grudges you have been holding from too long against your spouse, friends, colleagues, relatives and just let it go. But Why?… Read on…

Carrying grudges have a very bad impact on your health.

A study conducted at Emory University revealed that bitter people have issues related to blood pressure and are more prone to suffer from several heart diseases. This is believed to be due to C-reactive protein, which has been linked to heart stroke.

How: When we hold a grudge, our mind prepares our body to fight back and releases the C-protein in bloodstreams. Staying in this aggressive state of mind for too long will increase the amount of C-protein in your bloodstreams, which can increase the likelihood of heart disease. In addition to this, the stress that we have in dealing with grudges has extremely bad impact on our immune system, organs, and metabolism.

Grudges ruin your relationships

Just think is it worth holding the grudges and sending negative vibes to someone we actually love and pray for. We love our mother, spouse, and friends and always pray for their wellbeing. But sometimes, when they don’t behave the way we expect them to behave, we create hurt and pain in our mind. We start blaming them for our pain.

They are behaving and doing things there way and you don’t have any control over it. You only have control over yourself. People’s actions are dependent on their learning’s and upbringing. What is normal for them may or may not be normal for you. So stop judging others based on your parameters. The constant complaints and arguments will only ruin your relationships. Just let go of the arguments and grudges. These arguments do not worth more than your mental peace and good relationships.

Number 6 experiment to prove the above point.

Simply write a number 6 on a piece of paper and keep it between you and your friend.

Now, no matter how long you debate and try to convince your friend that it’s a number “6”, believe me, he/she will not agree. He/She will be amazed, shocked and tell you how can you say it’s a “6”. It’s clearly visible that its number “9” NOT “6”.

This simple experiment clearly explains the importance of seeking things from others perspective. It is very important that when we are dealing with hurt and grudges, we must try to understand others point of view. There is always a reason behind every action, we just need to realize this and let it go.

The power of forgiveness and letting go

Forgiveness and letting go can heal your mind and soul. To live a happy and peaceful life let go of negative feelings and painful memories. It may seem to be a tough ask, but you will have to decide what is more important for you. A happy, peaceful, enjoyable life or a never-ending list of complaints, painful memories and hurt.

Take responsibility for your hurt and pain. The moment you realize and accept that your thoughts and feelings are your responsibility, your mind would start finding out ways to heal yourself. If your mind can create hurt and pain, it also has the power to generate happiness.

Yes, you have the power to make yourself happy. Remember the way we try to cheer up our close friend whenever he/she is sad. Things we say to them, “Let it go”, “it’s Ok’’, “Relax, things will be all right”. If these simple words can console and bring a smile on your friends face, then the same words can do the magic in your mind as well.

Spend time with yourself, console yourself. Don’t wait for others to come and tell you to be happy. You have the power within you.

Give it a try; you are living your life the same way since your birth. Getting hurt, creating pain and sorrow if things do not go your way.

Now, for once at least for a few days give it a try to use the power of forgiveness. Let go of the grudges and painful memories. Free yourself from the old belief system of “Tit-for-Tat”. Try it once, not for anyone else, but for yourself. For your peaceful mind.

“If you can’t find happiness, create one for yourself”

“The happiest moment of life is when you let go something which you cannot change”

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